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Sambhar is a small town located at 96 km south west of the city of Jaipur (Northwest India) and 64 km north east of Ajmer along the National highway 8 in Rajasthan. Sambhar is India's largest salt lake.

Sambhar Lake is a place where horizons stretch to infinity, where water and sky merge in a shimmer of gauzy blue. Sambhar means salt, and the various group of the area have extracted salt from here for over a thousand years. There are 38 clusters of villages surrounding the lake. Major settlements include Sambhar, Gudha, Jabdinagar, Nawa, Jhak, Korsina, Jhapok, Kanseda, Kuni, Tyoda, Govindi, Nandha, Sinodiya, Arwik ki dhani, Khanadja, Khakharki, Kerwa ki dhani, Rajas, Jalwali ki dhani, Devaji ki dhani, Aau and Ulana.

Sambhar is India's largest saline lake, 190 sq km in extent at full capacity, and lays some 60 km west of Jaipur, just outside prosaically named Salt Lake City.


It is also known for holy Devayani tank, beautiful Shakambhari Devi temple, the palace and the nearby Naliasar. Sakambhari, as it was founded near the temple of Goddess Sakambhari, famous for its holy Devyani tank, the palace and the nearby Naliasar: where the 3rd century onwards sculptures and terracottas were found in excavation. This place is situated on the Sambhar-Naraina Road.


  • Pooja - 2018/03/26
    I love this place and beautiful view and perfect place for clicking pictures.

  • Ritika - 2018/03/16
    Amazing place for taking pictures

  • Vaishali - 2017/06/01
    Popular for film shootings and covered with devotional areas

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