Kite Festival

Date 14 Jan. 2018
Photography Allowed

Kite Festival

Kite Festival means Makar Sankranti; it’s a very popular festival in Jaipur. It’s celebrated on 14 January in every year.

On this day all age group people enjoyed by kite flying. In Jaipur it is specially celebrates as a kite flying competition between many groups.

In every five years, the Kite Festival is organized by the Government of Rajasthan, where expert Kite makers show off their kites. In this competition the winner team got so many prices.

Also this festival Makar Snkranti celebrated with great enthusiasm. Early morning many people take holy dip in the river and worship to rising sun (sunrise). It is said that there is much importance to take dip in the holy river then give much donation. It is said that also we should have donate of rice, corn and clothes to the poor and needy people on this auspicious day.

On this day women prepare their home a special dish called till papdi or laddoos made of sesame seed with sugar.

Many people on this day to help poor and needy with donation of food, clothes, money or other items Kumbh mela is arranged that day when over million people go there to take holy plunge into Ganga sagar and prayag and prays to Sun God. It is celebrated with the name pongal, Sankrantm, Lohari and many other names.

It’s an amazing festival for tourists; tourists can also participate in various kite-flying competitions.


  • Gourav Arora - 2018/04/06
    I am not belonging from jaipur but from last 4 years i am living in jaipur. Before coming to jaipur i had no idea about kite festival. But now I know's the value of kite festival. Every year, i also enjoying this festival with my friends.

  • Priyanka - 2017/06/01

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