Gangaur Festival

Date: 30 March 2018
Photography Allowed

Gangaur Festival

Rajasthan is a traditional location for fair and festivals, Gangaur festival is celebrates in March or April month, after Holi festival.

The important festival is especially colorful in Jaipur, only for women, the word Gangaur is derived from two words, 'Gan' and 'Gauri' these meaning are 'Siva' and 'Parvati'. Gangaur is celebrated in the honor of Goddess Gauri; the Gauri is represented as the symbol of virtue, devotion and a perfect married woman.

This festival continues for 16 days longs, in these days newel married girl’s daily do pooja with Isar and Gauri images, the married ladies pray for the welfare of their husbands, also the unmarried girls worship the goddess to get the husband of their choice.

Each day all girl’s & women wear new traditional dresses with Mahanadi, and placed on the heads of married women home. Then Songs are sung by all women the song is –

Gor gor ganpati, iswar puje parvati,
parvati ka aalaa gila, gor ka sona ka teeka , De Tamka de,
Bala Rani vart karyo, khero khato laadu diyo, laadu le beera ne diyo,
beero mane chunner di, chunner mane gor udai, gor mane suhag diyo.... bhag diyo.....

On the final day In Jaipur, colorful and a very big procession with many horses and elephants, music and palanquins are taken out throughout the city. Gangaur is taken from the City Palace Gate known as Tripolia across the city, passing through Chaugan, to Talkatora, which attracts the tourists.


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