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Bairath (Viratnagar) is around 85 km from Jaipur on National Highway No 8 Shahpura-Alwar road, near Shahpura which connects Alwar. It contains the structures of Mauranyas, Mughal and Rajput periods. The excavated remains of a circular Buddhist temple, unique in Rajasthan and the earliest structural temple in India make it an important historical place. Bairath famous for capital of Abhimanyu's (Arjuna's son)

The Banganga Fair is held annually on the full moon day of Vaishakh (April-May) near a rivulet 11 kms from the historical township of Bairath.

Devotees gather at the Shri Radha Krishnaji's temple in the morning, they take a bath at the ghats (a flight of steps leading to the water) of the Banganga river with the belief that it has powers to purify the soul. The people then proceed to the nearby shrines of Hanuman and Ganga Bihari and also visit the Shiva temple and the Math of Goswamiji.

Other attraction at Bairath:
Bhim-Ki-Dungri “Pandu Hill”
Banganga Fair


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