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It is located 30 kms away from Jaipur on the south west Ajmer Road 30 km. Bagru is a very small town but People from all across the world come here to take a look at this traditional craft of the town. Also attracts a huge number of tourists.

In Bagru Chippa Mohalla famous for all textile printing, this mohalla near the Sanjaria River. Its attraction is hand printed cloth industry. Well known for its Bagru prints. This technique simulates a wooden block on which the required design is first carved, and then the carved block is used for transferring the motif in the desired color on the fabric. The Bagru prints are include less range of colors which are usually deep and dark shades. This process is most effective on ethnic floral patterns and for printing in vegetable dyes in traditional Bagru Prints. Bagru prints are very famous in whole world.

Bagru is located nearly 30 kilometers from the city of Jaipur is one of the most popular spots to go for excursions in Rajasthan. Bagru is known for its floral patterns, Also Bagru have a ground level fort is still in good shape & historic mansions.

So we believe that if you are planning an excursion from Jaipur, try to visit Bagru – so you can learn more about block printing and check beautiful bedcovers.

Now Bagru in News: - 250-year -old idols stolen at Bagru

JAIPUR: The 250-year-old idols of god Neminath were stolen from a temple in the Bagru area of Jaipur rural on Tuesday night. The incident caused resentment among the local residents who demonstrated in front of the Bagru police station and kept the markets closed in protest. The police promised the agitating people that they would nab the culprits soon.

According to the police, the theft took place at the Nashiyan temple. "Seven idols and silver ornaments were stolen from the temple. The idols were 250-year old," the police said. The burglary came to light when the temple was opened on Wednesday morning. The priest of the temple, Subhash Sharma, lodged an FIR with the police. The police are yet clueless about the burglars. "We are investigating the case," they said. When the incident came to the knowledge of the residents, they gathered in front of the Bagru police station and shouted slogans. The temple was one of the oldest in the area.


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