A complete destination for full masti and enjoy the green nature. as family resort where we cater to the community of all age group. Number of recreation facilities suitable for kids to old age people established as the assets of the resort.

The resort is ideal for MICE as availability of nine conference halls full equipped with latest gadgets followed by recreation facilities and special program of stress management gives the additional support to achieve their targets. Resort is also having the scope for our future talent as we serve the things to education industry in terms of hygiene, food habit and body posture. Species of fruit flower and medicinal plants improved their knowledge. Sunrise Health Resort is the best option to enjoy weekend to all. Family functions as birthday, anniversary, ring ceremony and marriage arranging for our valuable guests as their memorable moments.

Sunrise Health Resort provides its unique concept under one umbrella as the combination of different facilities consists of beautiful blend of excellent ambiance endowed with meticulously maintained horticulture, lush green lawns amidst plenty of herbal plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers is nature’s answer to relaxation and rejuvenation with zero pollution atmosphere surrounded by three side hills gives you a new dimension of living. It is also designed as family resort where we cater to the community of all age group. Number of recreation facilities suitable for kids to old age people established as the assets of the resort.

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Special Tariff Packages

Day Picnic Package

Starting From
INR 1000

Rate: INR 1000 + GST Per Person
Validity: N/A


Holi Package(1 Night 2 Days)

Starting From
INR 8999

Rate: INR 8999 + GST
Validity: N/A


Holi Dinner Package

Starting From
INR 3000

Rate: INR 3000 + GST for Couple
Validity: N/A

Holi Package(2 Nights 3 Days)

Starting From
INR 13999

Rate: INR 13999 + GST
Validity: N/A

Holi Celebration Lunch Package

Starting From
INR 2000

Rate: INR 2000 + GST Lunch for Couple
Validity: N/A

Holi Dinner Package

Starting From
INR 3000

Rate: INR 3000 + GST Per Couple
Validity: N/A

Holi 1N2D package

Starting From
INR 8999

Rate: INR 8999 + GST
Validity: N/A

Sunrise Special Student Package


Rate: INR 280 Per Student
Validity: N/A

Sunrise Anniversary Package


Rate: INR 450 Per Person
Validity: N/A


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  • Deepika - 2017/11/28
    Nice place to visit

  • Arvind Sharma - 2017/11/29
    This is a perfect place for family outing.

  • Geeta - 2017/12/07
    Best adventurous resort.. Have a great fun here.. with family

  • Poornima - 2017/12/12
    amazing rides, fun games, rajasthani dance and tasty food

  • Ruhanika - 2017/12/14
    Great place to have a fun with family

  • Gargi - 2017/12/18
    Waiting for amazing new year party celebration in this resort

  • Tarun - 2018/01/02
    Amazing experience.. Love this place

  • shubhanshu - 2018/01/04
    Excellent Experience here..

  • Priyanshi - 2018/01/09
    We had a great time at Sunrise Resort. Staying in Sunrise was a lifetime experience.

  • Sushmita Kumawat - 2018/01/09
    Excellent environment, quick services & responce. Dream World is a view of village culture for rajasthan, Punjab & Gujrat is only in sunrise resort i have seen.!!There is a small water park also. As almost everywhere in Rajasthan, the Food was good, service was decent, behaviour of the staff was also good. Rooms were quite spacious . We have stayed at many hotels over the years, often luxury ones with impeccable details and fantastic designs.

  • kanika Jain - 2018/01/09
    best place for visit in jaipur..I went there with my friends and had so much fun at water park and did camel riding. Very nice place

  • Kanak Kumari - 2018/01/15
    Great place for visit

  • Hema Verma - 2018/01/19
    best resort of jaipur

  • Sreejith N - 2018/01/30
    We went there as a Business trip with friends , what an amazing experience it was great food (veg +non veg both together , no seperate section sigh ) , beautiful & lush green landscapes . The health Section of the resort offers great spas and baths and is very rejuvenating . There are many recreational activities so u won't be bored and can enjoy throughout the day . Overall a very good experience

  • Priyanshi - 2018/01/30
    for family and friends such an amazing place for more adventure and masti

  • ashok - 2018/03/16
    sunrise Heath Resort is the nice location.........

  • ritika - 2018/03/26
    "Staff was excellent and services were also worth the price."

  • Vikram - 2018/03/26
    one of best resort of jaipur

  • Shubham Jain - 2018/03/26
    Beautiful place and Reasonable prices among other resorts.

  • Arpit Saraswat - 2018/04/10
    I went to sunrise resort with my Belissimo group as I am an international gym trainer for boot camp. I must say that I enjoyed a lot because of the greenery clean air, many gardens and hills nereby the resorts. We went up the hill and did yoga there in beaming sunlight. The health breakfast was also nice and the staff was friendly. But the service was a little slow and the way to the resort is long. Loved it and will definitely liked to visit again.


Sunrise Dream World

Sunrise Dream World is a type of Village Resort with Rajputi, Punjabi and Gujarati culture at single place. This place is having complete Village Culture, Traditional Dance, Kalbelia Dance, Traditional Cuisines, Puppet and Magic Shows, Horse Riding and so many attractions.

Sunrise Ayurveda

Sunrise Naturopathy Resort is best experience for Ayurvedic therapy, Panchakarma, Yoga and Meditation, Stress Management etc. We are the pioneers in running Ayurvedic Health Resorts, Spas and Naturopathy hospital in India.

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